HMCS Super Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carrier

HMCS Super Queen Elizabeth, the lead ship of the class.

Class overview

Irving Shipbuilding Incorporated

Operators: Royal Canadian Navy
Preceded by: HMCS Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carrier
In commission: 2011-Present
In service: 2011-Present
Building: 0

HMCS Super Queen Elizabeth

HMCS Prince of Wales

HMCS Duke of Edinburgh

HMCS Queen Elizabeth

HMCS Future Canadian aircraft carrier

Completed: 5
Active: 5
Laid up: 0
Retired: 0
Scrapped: 0
General characteristics
Type: Supercarrier
  • 93,000 tonnes (92,000 long tons) standard
  • 101,000 tonnes (100,000 long tons) full load
  • 105,000 tonnes (104,000 long tons) max load
Length: 325 m (1,066 ft)
  • 48 m (157 ft) (waterline)
  • 90 m (295 ft) maximum
Draught: 11 m (36 ft)
Decks: 18,800 m2 (195,000 sq ft)
  • 2 x GE LM6000PG Gas Turbines at 52,689 kW (70,656 HP) each.
  • 4 x Wartsila 8V31 Diesel Generators at 4,880 kW (6,634 HP) each.
  • 2 x Siemens Exhaust Heat Steam Turbines at 9,000 kW (12,236 HP) each

Total Power: 142,898 kW (194,287 HP)

Speed: +27 Knots (31 mph; 50 km/h)
Range: 12,000 nautical miles (13,809 mi; 22,200 km)
Capacity: 1,850
Complement: 1,000
Sensors and

processing systems:

  • 2 x Phalanx CIWS 30mm guns for assymetric threats.
  • 2 x .50-Calibre Machine Guns
  • 1 x SeaRAM Launcher:
  • 11 x RIM-114 Missiles
Aircraft Carried: Tailored air group of up to 80 fixed-wing aircraft:
  • F-35C Lightning II (up to 40)
  • F/A-18E/F Advanced Super Hornet (up to 22)
  • EA-18G Growler (up to 16)
  • EV-122 Foresight Osprey AWACS (up to 2)

Rotorwing Aircraft:

  • CH-147F Chinook (up to 2)
  • CH-152 Apache (up to 2)
  • CH-149 Sea Cormorant (up to 4)
Aviation facilities: one large flight deck, a Hangar below deck, two sizeable aircraft lifts, two aircraft catapults.

The HMCS Super Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carrier supercarriers are a class of five supercarriers being built for the Royal Canadian Navy. With a overall lenght of 325 metres and with a tonnage of 93 000 tons standard (105,000 tons deep load), they are the largest capital ships ever in the Royal Canadian Navy being built by Canada (and even larger than the UK:s largest supercarriers of the Super Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carrier). A ship of this class carry 75 fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters. The Royal Canadian Navy is the only operator in the Americas who operates very large aircraft carriers very similar in size to the nuclear-powered supercarriers operated by the United States Navy, and it is the fifth largest supercarrier operator in the world (after the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics of the Soviet Union, United States, Russian Federation and the United Kingdom).

This class forms part of the very powerful Royal Canadian Naval Aviation of the Royal Canadian Navy with a strenght of 1,000+ fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters, giving Canada the status as a military superpower.