Project 1153 "Eagle"
Project 1153 Orel
Type Supercarrier
Flag state USSR
Accessory Soviet Navy
Preceded by Project 1160 Eagle
Succeeded by Project 1143,5
Shipyard Black Sea Shipyard
The current status of

In service

Displacement 72 000 tons of the total
Lenght 320 m
Technical data
Power plant Yasu
Rate 29 knots
Cruising Range Not limited
Flak 16 × 6 30-mm no. installations
Antiship weapons 20 × PU SCRC "Granite"
Antisubmarine armament 2 × 12 RBU
Anti-aircraft Missiles

4 × SPAR

2 × SAM super short-range

4 × SAMs of short-range

Air group 50-60 planes and helicopters

The draft code of 1153 "Eagle"- the Soviet program to develop the "big cruiser with air armament displacing about 70 tons of nuclear power plant, which began in 1976 at the Nevsky PKB on the basis of Project 1160 Eagle. Was the chief designer of VF Anikeev. The lead ship of the class was put into operation in 1985 and the last ship in 2007.

Project 1153 - aircraft carrier ship that can carry up to 50 aircraft types MiG-23K, Su-25K and Su-27K with the ability to run a piston catapults, has successfully developed the proletarian factory. Compared with the project in 1160 called for less at 10,000 tons displacement, reduction of the air group, the construction of two ships instead of three. In addition to the air group the ships were to carry 20 anti-ship missile launchers below deck missile system P-700 "Granit" . Derating compared to the draft in 1160 was associated with a decrease in the budget after the construction of the third aircraft carrier - Project 1143,3 "Novorossiysk". Ships of the project in 1153 were to enter service by 1985.

Project 1153 Eagle is the first large Soviet aircraft carrier class with nine supercarriers built for Soviet Navy. The aircraft carriers carry up to 60 aircraft. The class was succeeded by Project 1143,5 in 1990.