Project 1160 "Eagle"
Project 1160 Eagle2
Project 1160 Eagle
Type Supercarrier
Flag state USSR
Accessory Soviet Navy
Preceded by Project 1178 Kherson
Succeeded by

Project 1153 Eagle

Put into operation 1981-1995
The current status of In service
Displacement 85,000 tons of the total
Lenght 284 m at the waterline

325 m maximum


38 m at the waterline

79.5 m maximum

Height 65,5 m overall

height of the sides from the base plane to the upper deck: 27,5 m on the middle 33 m in the nose

Draft 10,7 m
Technical data
Power plant Yasu
Rate 30 knots
Cruising Range Not limited
Flak 16 × 6 30-mm no. installations
Antiship weapons 16 × PU SCRC "Granite"

Antisubmarine armament

4 × 12 RBU
Anti-aircraft Missiles

2 × SAM super short-range

2 × SAMs of short-range

Air group 70 aircraft and helicopters

The draft code of 1160 "Eagle" or Project 1160 Orel - the first Soviet supercarrier project with a nuclear power plant, work out in the late 1960s - early 1970s in the Nevsky PKB under the leadership of AB Morin. By 1986, plans to build a total of nine such ships were ordered. The lead ship of the class, Soviet aircraft carrier Oryol, was put into operation in 1981 and the last ship in 1995.

Project 1160 Eagle was the first Soviet aircraft carrier class to be nuclear-powered and has more than 70 aircraft.

Project 1160 Eagle was succeeded by Project 1153 Eagle in the mid-1970s.

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