Project 1178 Kherson
Project 1178 Kherson
Type Amphibious assault ship
Flag state USSR
Accessory Nevsky Design Bureau
Preceded by Project 11 780 Ivan the Tarawa
Succeeded by Project 1160 Eagle
The current status of In service
Displacement 40,000 tons normal
Length 200 m (184 to KWL)
Width 35 m (25 to KWL)
Draft 8 m
Technical data
Power plant CTS
Power 180 000 hp
Rate 30 nodes
Endurance 8000 miles at 18 knots
Crew ?
Artillery 1x2 130mm AK-130
Missiles 2 battery 6x8 PU SAM "Dagger"
Anti-aircraft weapons 2.4 SPAR "Dirk"
Aviation options:

amphibious version - 12 Kamov Ka-29 anti - 25 Kamov Ka-27

The Project 1178 Kherson is a class of Soviet amphibious assault ships deployed and commissioned for the Soviet Navy, the world's largest navy, and is the first amphibious assault ships to be built by the Soviet Union with an flight deck for fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters and a tonnage at 40,000 tons. A aircraft carrier of this project can carry up to 45-50 fixed-wing aircraft.