Project 11 780 "Ivan the Tarawa"
Project 11 780 Ivan the Tarawa
Type Amphibious assault ship
Flag state USSR
Accessory Soviet Navy
Preceded by Project 1143 Krechyet
Succeeded by Project 1178 Kherson
The current status of In service
Displacement 25000 tons normal
Length 196 m (180 to KWL)
Width 35 m (25 to KWL)
Draft 8 m
Technical data
Power plant CTS
Power 180 000 hp
Rate 30 nodes
Endurance 8000 miles at 18 knots
Crew ?
Artillery 1x2 130mm AK-13
Missiles 2 battery 6x8 PU SAM "Dagger"
Anti-aircraft weapons 2,4 SPAR "Dirk"
Aviation options:

amphibious version - 12 Kamov Ka-29 anti - 25 Kamov Ka-27

The Project 11 780 Ivan the Tarawa - an project of Soviet amphibious assault ship. Nevsky PKB was developed during the 80s and was the first amphibious assault ship class to be built for Soviet Navy.


BBC Project 1174 had many shortcomings, so as directed by the Commander of the Soviet Navy Admiral S. Gorshkov was started to develop a full-fledged amphibious assault ship, which was carried out development of all 80 years. Character and purpose of the ship changed during development. The original purpose of the ship were only landing operations. UDC had to have a continuous deck, allowing use as helicopters and aircraft vertical takeoff and landing Yakovlev Yak-38. General Staff proposed project to transform 11 780 ships in the universal aircraft-carrying ships, equipped them with a bow ramp and providing basing and other aircraft.

Assumed the construction of two ships - "Soviet amphibious assault ship Kherson" and "Soviet amphibious assault ship Kremenchug". Ships standard displacement of 25,000 tons can only be built on the Black Sea Shipyard, so began the "struggle for the stocks." At this time, the stocks CSY was scheduled to begin construction of aircraft carriers Project 1143,5. The General Staff, attaching great importance to the construction of UDC, offered to build them instead of aircraft carriers.

This is opposed Commander of the Navy. Realizing that the construction of UDC, because of the lack of required shipbuilding capacity is likely to lead to the abandonment of the construction of aircraft carriers project 1143.5, went to the trick. As directed by the Commander of the nose, right on the flight deck, was placed AK-130, Research Institute of the Navy job was "scientifically" prove the existence of such weapons and its location. As a result, the General Staff had become indifferent to the project, but construction was delayed.

At the request of the Minister of Defense Marshal Ustinov objectives of the project was added to 11 780 in peacetime tracking enemy submarines in the ocean zone. Ultimately, all these changes have led to the ships of the project and 11 780 were not included.

In the ASW variant of the ship would carry 25 Kamov Ka-27. In landing variant - 12 transport helicopters Kamov Ka-29. In the dock the camera - 4 landing craft Project 1176 and 2 amphibious hovercraft Project 1206.

The lead ship of the class, Kherson, was put into operation in the late 1980s.